Sometimes it’s hard to break out of inertia or bad patterns. Sometimes you need someone on your side. Someone in your corner who can help you achieve your goals.

The New Networking has coaches trained in our method who are ready to help. With their support, you’ll:

  • Gain a strategic view of the strengths and gaps within your network
  • Identify how to use your network strategically to help you achieve your and your company’s goals
  • Create a detailed, precise action plan for using your network to help achieve goals
  • Get step-by-step support as you take action: support for troubleshooting problems, discussing strategies, and planning actions

Consider Coaching If You Are …

  • An entrepreneur seeking to build your business.
  • A new leader seeking to gain traction and influence.
  • An individual considering a career change or a major shift in professional direction.
  • A leader exploring business strategy who wants to tap into others for ideas.
  • An individual building a new network after being insulated in one role or organization for an extended time.
  • A leader seeking to identify talent for current or future staffing needs.
  • An individual hoping to expand your understanding of the industry you serve.
  • A person with professional development goals that would best be served by conversations with others.

What Do You Get?

  • The Network Handbooka free eBook that brings Maya’s networking posts from across the web together into one easy-to-access collection
  • One discovery meeting with your coach to set goals for your coaching engagement
  • Five coaching sessions with your coach via Skype, Zoom, or phone to support you as you transform your networking practice

And if you haven’t taken the Smarter Networking training session, you also get:

  • A view-on-demand webinar that explains The New Networking method for transforming networking into a sustainable, productive practice
  • Two sessions with your coach via Skype, Zoom, or phone to map and analyze your network
  • One session with your coach via Skype, Zoom, or phone to develop a plan for optimizing your network

Keli Trejo

Keli specializes in helping executives strengthen relationships and build the networks they need to lead change successfully.

Keli is the perfect match for executives, vice presidents, directors, and other organization leaders.

You should know that Keli was one of the first coaches trained in The New Networking process. She completed a professional coaching certification program with the Coach Training Institute and continues to study group and relationship dynamics with the Center for Right Relationship. Keli graduated from American University with a Master of Science in Organizational Development. She holds a BA from Wellesley College. During her 20+ year corporate career, she served as VP for Fidelity Investments and SVP for Citizens Bank.

Fun fact: Keli‘s right brain is on overdrive! She paints landscapes, sings, and dances in her spare time.

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David Glaser

David specializes in helping leaders (and aspiring leaders) to navigate challenges in order to make their plans into realities.

He has particular expertise working in long-term coaching assignments with C-suite executives in health care, telecommunications, IT, and energy sectors.

David is the perfect match for technical leaders who live in the world of logic.

Work with David if you want an active coach who is in it with you.  He won’t just sit back and ask questions, but will push you when you need it or ask questions when you need it.

You should know that David has been an organization development consultant and executive coach since 1983. He has an extensive academic background, as well as real world experience, in applying scientific knowledge about human behavior to the challenges of leadership in the workplace and in the community. He is a Professional Member and trainer in NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, a frequent presenter at professional conferences, and on the instructional staff for the American University Masters Program in Organization Development. David earned an MA in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute and an MS in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University. He draws frequently on his passion for mindfulness meditation in his work.

Fun fact: David is an accomplished guitarist and singer who loves to jam.

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Rob Greenly

Rob specializes in “transforming smart professionals and high achievers into influential leaders™.”

He helps clients move from focusing on individual results to engaging and leading others.

Rob is the perfect match for physicians, scientists, engineers, academics, and other smart, high-achieving professionals who have moved into senior leadership positions and who want to succeed as leaders and lead more satisfying lives.

Work with Rob if you want a highly experienced, credentialed, proven achiever and leader to guide you to be your best in engaging and influencing others.  A native of Beaufort, South Carolina, Rob brings a laid-back Southern style (and occasional drawl) and a dogged client-centered assertiveness to his work.  

You should know that Rob is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Physician Development Coach, and certified in a number of assessment and development instruments. He co-authored “Command Effectiveness in the U.S. Navy,” has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and in The Boston Globe, and was featured in Fast Company magazine’s “Leading in the East Roadshow.” Prior to becoming a coach, Rob held leadership positions at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Astra Pharmaceuticals, Boston Scientific, and Putnam Investments. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and his MBA from the Yale University.  

Fun fact: Rob is the first and only Harvard College graduate to be elected President of the Yale Alumni Association of Boston. A former Eagle Scout, he can recite the Scout oath and name all twelve elements of the Scout law in his sleep. 

Doug Fletcher

Doug specializes in coaching professionals who seek assistance in setting and attaining their professional goals.

His depth of experience in the field of diversity and inclusion makes him an asset to individuals who want to improve their effectiveness while working within or while leading an increasingly diverse workforce.

Doug is the perfect match for introverts that want to overcome the challenges of traditional networking methodologies, and the challenges of being in a leadership role.

Work with Doug if you want an empathetic coach that uses effective coaching practices, wisdom, humor and thoughtful questions to help you open yourself to broader possibilities, overcome obstacles, improve your confidence, and develop the skills needed to reach your goals.

You should know that Doug has a certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. He graduated from American University with a Master of Science in Organizational Development, is certified in Organization & Systems Development from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and is a member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. He has over 20 years experience consulting to corporate, non-profit, and legal clients on effectively managing diversity and inclusion. 

Fun fact: Doug was born in England, spent his childhood years in Jamaica, and completed high school in the United States. He is a husband and father to two daughters, ages 6 and 8.

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