Strategic Networking: On Beyond Business Cards

Date: October 22, 2015

Time: 5 - 7:30 pm EST

Location: Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University 200 Westboro Rd North Grafton, MA


NEBAALAS LogoWorkshops can teach you how to exchange business cards, how to position your name tag on your jacket, and how to shake hands. What most workshops don’t do is help you develop a strategic networking practice.

In this workshop, Maya Townsend, founder and lead consultant of Partnering Resources, helps participants move beyond ad hoc approaches to sustainable, targeted, high-impact networking practices. She helps participants learn how to build the strategic networks that can help them ace their projects, advance their careers, and find new opportunities.

This highly interactive workshop will cover:

  • Changing our paradigm from networking to network weaving
  • The four networks everyone needs—and the one that people usually neglect
  • On beyond mentoring
  • Why everyone needs a sponsor and how to get one