Are You Neglecting Your Most Critical Contacts?: New Blog Series Launches on Inc

Are You Neglecting Your Critical Contacts?
Are You Neglecting Your Critical Contacts?

Check out Maya Townsend’s new blog series on Inc magazine’s website. The series focuses on using relationships and networks for individual, team, and organizational success. The first post, “Are You Neglecting Your Most Critical Contacts,” went live on January 8 and, in its first hour, received over three hundred social shares.

Stay tuned for more posts covering all things network:

  • 3 Ways to Sustain Genuine Relationships Through Networking
  • Need Some Alone Time? How to Succeed When You’re Not an Extrovert
  • Business Ecosystem Basics: What It Takes to Thrive in Complex Markets
  • The Restructuring Junket: Don’t Shuffle the Boxes, Make Real Change
  • Digital Ties that Bind: We’re More Connected, but Are We Better Connected?

Got suggestions for topics you want to see covered? Send me a suggestion!

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