The Introverts’ Networking Survival Guide

3 Ways to Build Genuine Relationships
3 Ways to Build Genuine Relationships

Despair that you’ll never be gregarious or outgoing enough to succeed at networking? Never fear, introverts. Here are 3 strategies for making connections using your own unique gifts.

I am an introvert. My consulting business blooms or withers largely on the basis of my networking prowess. Fifteen years ago, this painful dichotomy kept me up at night.

I signed up for a networking event in Washington, D.C., and the anticipation proved nearly as damaging as the networking itself: What was I going to talk about? How would I start conversations with complete strangers? What if everyone ignored me? By the time the event date arrived, I was a basket case.

Fellow introverts, it’s possible to do things differently. We don’t have to be flaming extroverts to be successful networkers. We just need to think differently.

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