How to Network in a Professional Association

If you’re like most people, you belong to one or two professional associations. These organizations are supposed to serve serve as your networking and education hub. You go to meetings, learn interesting things, keep up with your profession, and expand your professional network… supposedly. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your money.

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Building Your Network: How to Make It Work with Your Boss

The relationship with your boss is one of the most important in the workplace. Your boss has the power to recommend you for new assignments, high-profile teams, promotions, and raises. She can make your life miserable or help you achieve your goals. Yet, despite the importance of this relationship, there are many more books on how to manage direct reports than how to manage bosses. This article explores four factors—style, context, relationship, and urgency—to consider before giving up on the relationship with your boss.

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I’ve Got Your Back: Trust at Work

A fellow blogger, Charlotte Erdmann, recently wrote that the future of work will be more flexible and more networked. She’s right on.

What caught my eye in her article was the word “trust.” Charlotte mentioned it three times. No wonder: In a world in which information flows much more freely and people collaborate more frequently than in the past, trust is essential.

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Rethinking Networking

Why do we network? It’s an important question that most of us don’t consider. I didn’t until I started my business in 2004. People told me that networking would be an important way to build my practice. I agreed and started going to traditional, cocktail-style, business card passing events.

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