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Networking for Introverts

Weave Connections, Find Opportunities, and Create the Network You Need without Feeling Like a Fraud

Effective networking techniques that match your personality and passions, making your efforts totally authentic to who you are.

A No Pain Guide to Networking that Works!

Wouldn’t it be nice to transform the work of networking into a sustainable, introvert-friendly practice? A practice that energizes rather than drains you? You can.

Maya Townsend’s Guide wakes up the Art of Quiet Networking. It gives you a survival guide plus seven how-to topics from coping with small talk to surviving large networking events, dealing with your boss, and handling pesky feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.

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Weaving Connections

Rather than a numbers game of collecting as many business cards as you can in one sitting, develop stronger personal relationships.

Finding Opportunities

Change your perspective from one-time fly-by interactions to finding opportunities through genuine personal connections.

The Network You Need

What if you intentionally created the network you actually need, all the while helping others get their needs met too? 

Network Smarter

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